Raising the Profile of Lunchtime Staff

(Half-day INSET, twighlight sessions or modular)



This workshop explores strategies for raising the confidence, self-esteem, professionalism and job satisfaction of the lunchtime staff and for increasing the mutual respect between themselves and the children.


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The workshop comprises four modules: -


Module 1 – Training

  • What opportunities are there for behaviour management, play activities    and other training?


Module 2 – Communication

  • How can we improve communication   between lunchtime staff and teachers?

  • W ho should be the lunchtime line-manager?

  • What is the role of the lunchtime line-manager?


Module 3 – Teambuilding

  • W hat strategies can we adopt to make lunchtime staff feel more a part of the school?


Module 4 – Support and Empowerment

  • H ow can we best support lunchtime staff?

  • what tools can we provide? (e.g. support systems, own rewards and sanctions)



This workshop is provided as 'materials only'.


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