A comprehensive, structured approach, which addresses every aspect of lunchtime, leading to the development of whole-school policies and procedures.




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These training workshops will: -

  • raise the profile of lunchtime throughout the school and recognise its contribution to the moral, social and health development of children

  • reduce the need for senior management involvement in lunchtime problems

  • reduce the incidence of afternoon sessions starting late, as a result of unresolved lunchtime problems

  • train lunchtime staff to deal effectively with children

  • improve systems of communication between teaching and lunchtime staff

  • assist in the development of rewards and sanctions systems and their consistent application across the school

  • promote ideas for imaginative and stimulating play areas and initiatives for play equipment and activities

  • involve the whole school community in creating an environment in which children can be occupied and involved

  • make lunchtime a happier and more productive time for all



Groups of teaching and non-teaching staff will watch on DVD/Video the best ideas and good practices from other schools. They will be asked to contribute their own suggestions for short, medium and long term strategies for improvement, appropriate to their own school:-

  • How well do we compare with the schools on DVD?

  • Could we adopt their strategies and ideas, possibly with modifications?

  • What further strategies, policies and procedures can we suggest?


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