Effective Lunchtime Management in the Primary School - Whole School Approach

(Half Day INSET, twilight sessions or modular)


This training workshop brings together the very best ideas, good practice, policies and procedures as described on DVD by the headteachers and staff of fifteen primary schools, which were nominated by eight LEAs for their excellence in developing a whole-school approach to lunchtime issues and problems.


The workshop explores strategies to gain the involvement, ownership and commitment of everyone in improving lunchtime. It provides a wealth of practical ideas and suggestions and is therefore an excellent starting point for improving lunchtime.


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Module 1- Behaviour Policy

  • how effectively do our reward and sanction systems apply to the lunchtime?

  • are they consistently applied by both teaching and non-teaching staff?


Module 2 – Physical Organisation

  • how can lunchtime organisation be improved?

  • do we make the most effective use of our lunchtime staff?


Module 3 – Empowerment of Children

  • how can we involve children in the decision-making processes of the school? what responsibilities can children be given? (school council, buddy and peer support systems, jobs etc.)


Module 4 – Play and the Environment

  • how can we improve the quality of play?

  • how can we make the best of our environment and who can help?


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