Managing Difficult Situations Conflict and Security - Admin Staff

A DVD workshop for school administrative staff

Over 2000 school secretaries and receptionists throughout the UK have been trained by Leapwade, at LEA teacher training centres and universities.


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Focus of the course:-


  • Deals with public relations and security aspects of the secretary's job.
  • Trainer presentations, highly realistic DVD scenarios and discussions to equip staff with transferable skills and strategies to deal confidently with a variety of conflict situations.
  • It examines ten difficult situations which secretaries experience and analyses the behaviours shown and the skills used. The roles on DVD are played by professional actors and talented drama teachers from all over the country.
  • It equips them to discuss the security issues raised with their own individual headteachers to determine detailed procedures.
  • Working in pairs or groups, delegates will learn how to defuse aggression and acquire the skills necessary to ensure they do not cause problems themselves by mishandling a complaint. This will reduce the risk of verbal abuse or even violence towards themselves or others.




The workshop will enable secretaries to: -

  • analyse and improve their confidence and skills in handling
    complaints and conflict.
  • define, understand and be able to use positive behaviours is dealing with upset parents and other visitors.
  • see on DVD and analyse the positive and negative performances of
    secretaries in handling others.
  • develop a 'skills' model for handling complaints and aggression.
  • contribute their own thoughts to group discussion.
  • greatly increase their confidence and ability to deal with anger and
    distress; be able to defuse aggression when already present; ensure they do not cause the conflict by what they say and do.
  • consider security procedures in their own schools