Managing Difficult Situations and Conflict with Parents


Inservice Training Workshops for Headteachers, Senior Managers and Staff. Delivery by Leapwade or the school.


Workshop Aims


  • increase parental trust and confidence in school's professionalism

  • provide the essential skills for dealing with parental concerns 

  • develop policies and procedures for dealing with more difficult situations

  • ability to defuse aggression and avoid escalation of conflict

  • reduce unnecessary headteacher involvement in parental conflict that escalated

  • understand the legal and safety implications of tricky situations

  • reduce the stress and distress caused to teachers, parents and children when conflict is not resolved

  • improve understanding and co-operation between school and home


Benefits for Participants


  • analyse their own skills in handling complaints and conflict and improve their effectiveness and confidence

  • define, understand and be able to use positive behaviours in dealing with upset parents

  • watch on DVD/video and analyse the positive and negative performances of teachers in handling parental situations

  • develop a skills model for handling complaints and aggression 

  • analyse and understand their choices in dealing with very difficult situations 

  • greatly increase their confidence and ability to deal with anger and distress; to be able to defuse aggression when already present; to be able to ensure they do not cause or escalate the conflict by what they say or do

  • increase awareness of legal and safety implications






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