Behaviour Management Training for Lunchtime Staff


The training brings to life eleven highly realistic, carefully researched and entertaining DVD situations involving children and lunchtime staff, supported by workbook activities and trainer input. Some scenarios show lunchtime staff who lack the essential skills needed to deal with volatile children and so exacerbate the situation by their use of inappropriate behaviour styles. Other scenes show the opposite. 

They enable lunchtime staff to 'discover' and analyse the behaviours and skills which relate to the handling of conflict and bad behaviour from children. They will learn how to defuse conflict and acquire the skills necessary to ensure they do not cause it themselves, by their mis-handling of the children. 


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Part 1 - Behavioural Training

  • Situation 1 - Girls falling out   (badly handled)

  • Situation 2 - Girls falling out   (well handled)

  • Situation 3 - Boys fighting     (badly handled)

  • Situation 4 - Boys fighting     (well handled)

  • Situation 5 - Dining room incident (badly handled)

  • Situation 6 - Dining room incident (well handled)

  • Situation 7 - A wet lunchtime


Part 2 - School Policies

  • Situation 8 -  Watch your language

  • Situation 9 -  The Bullies

  • Situation 10 - Child wanting to confide a problem

  • Situation 11 - Working together


Each DVD scenario lasts between 4 and 7 minutes. The scenarios, together with subsequent group and plenary activities, will enable you to construct the guidelines for dealing with children.



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